Thursday, December 4, 2014

It Means A Lot

There's a few reasons I chose this image for this post.  They flooded in all at once, so here they are in no particular order:

The time of year-Thanksgiving, Christmas (generosity, giving, gratitude, receiving)
A reminder to stop at what can be a hectic time of year and JUST BREATHE (inhale, exhale)
It's a circle, which is a common shape for mandalas, which I'm going to be teaching a workshop on next Saturday (more on that later)

Wow, yes, when you have gratitude for what you have you're more generous, therefore more giving, which makes you more aligned with your higher self (open), which just happens to attract to you things that you are grateful to receive, and the process (cycle/circle of abundance) continues!  Even though some people only focus on being grateful at this time of year, there's always things to be grateful for, things we take for granted. 

And wow, yes, I'm doing a workshop on mandalas.  Well, mostly on making and coloring them.  I don't know much about them except what I've Googled, so I know that when you're making & coloring them you kind of "zone out" and are more in tune with your inside world and intuitive side, almost like being in a meditative state when you are creating.  So, we will all learn together!  Our spiritual connections group is such a fun bunch that I'm sure it will be just fine. There's certainly something to be said for the warm & fuzzy feeling of being with people that make you feel great! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Letting Go

I recently got a few more card decks (I love so many of them!) And decided to do a card spread for the readers of this blog.  The deck I'm using this time is Melanie Beattie's "The Language of Letting Go".

So with the card all the way to the left being #1, and all the way to the right being #4, which card(s) see to draw your attention?

Take a couple deep breaths and look closely at the pictures on each card.  How does each make you feel?  Do any really draw you in or make you curious?  

Here's what each card is about.

#1 Enjoying Life-
Today I will do something just for the fun of it.  I will find something to do that's just for me, and I won't worry about what I "should" be doing.  I will learn how to make myself feel good and enjoy life to the fullest.

#2 Releasing Anger Toward Family Members-
Today I will accept the potent emotions I may feel toward members of my family, and I'll be grateful for the lessons they're teaching me.  I accept the golden light of healing that's shining on all of us.

#3 Taking Risks-
Today I will ask God to help me begin to take healthy risks.  I will ask for assistance in letting go of any fear of failure...and success.  I will ask for help in fully living my life so that I can start experiencing all the wonderful parts of my journey.

#4 Showing Vulnerability-

Today I will disclose who I am to someone with whom I feel safe.  I will risk being vulnerable-even though I've always held back from doing so.  God, help me show people who I really am, and not who I think they want me to be.  

Let go of something you're afraid of, something that holds you back.  Feel how freeing that is, how much lighter you feel!  It isn't always easy to let go.  Sometimes we need to do that, though, in order to be who we are truly supposed to be.  Remember, if we do not first love, respect, and care for ourselves, how can we do this for others?


I went to  a holistic expo this past Saturday.  A few of us from the spiritual group I belong to had a table there to promote our spiritual community, and also do a few readings.  It was a great day!  It was awesome to see some of the wonderful people I always see at those.  I also got a couple readings done for myself, and found out the names of my 2 angels that have been with me since my physical birth, and will be with me until my physical death.  Of course, one of them has quite a sense of humor (best way I can describe it) so he keeps things fun.  I wouldn't have it any other way!  I knew who my guides were, but now I have names also for those angels.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Patience Is Still Hard!

When you were a child, and you wanted something, you wanted it NOW!!  I'm sure you were told to "Be patient." Patience is a great thing, but it is sometimes very difficult to BE patient.

I'm still here, in Minnesota, trying to be patient-with myself, mostly.  It's been difficult lately to keep myself pointed in the right direction, doing the things I know are steps to be taken to get where I want to be.  I feel overwhelmed when I think of what I need to "get done". I keep telling myself that things that are supposed to happen will happen when the time is right.  I don't feel as uptight as I did say, a month ago, about not being done with all this "prep" stuff and well on my way outta here.  I've surrendered fighting things and am just trying to let things happen as they are supposed to without trying to push things along as I was before.

So today, again, I pray for patience and guidance in what I should be doing and not doing towards my next step.  My present situation is NOT my final destination.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Having patience is tough, isn't it?

When you really, really want something, it is hard to have patience while you're waiting for it.  It makes no difference if it's a phone call, a new car, etc., when you want something, you want it now!  The universe knows the perfect time for things to come.  You send your desires "out there", and then obsess over them.  Why aren't they coming?  When you think about what you don't have yet, you are focusing on lack!  It is hard, isn't it, to think instead about what you'll feel when you have what you want.  This is key!  The more you really fully feel like you already have what you want, the higher vibration for it you're putting out, and the faster the universe works on getting it for you.

 I am experiencing this now.  I already know how I will feel when I move from this frozen tundra to a warmer climate.  I have managed to counteract that, quite often actually, with my feelings about winter coming up.  I absolutely cannot stand to be cold and have had a very strong dislike for winter for many years now. I gave myself a deadline of the end of September to move.  Of course, the closer it gets to the end of September, and my house isn't even ready to put on the market yet, the more distressed I was becoming.  Will I turn into a pumpkin if I don't move by the end of September? No.  Does it mean I'll never get to move if it doesn't happen by then? No!  I (finally) have managed to accept that things all happen when they're supposed to, and just keep making progress towards what I want.  I will keep moving in the direction of what I want the end result to be.  I will keep focusing on how it will feel after it's all done.  I didn't want to spend another winter in Minnesota, but if that's what it takes to get the end result I am after, then so be it. (Haha, I was gritting my teeth as I typed that!) I do know that the higher I can keep my vibration, the faster the universe delivers, so......even thought I can't take back the time I've spent getting all worked up, I can change my vibration now, and concentrate on keeping it up.

Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time!


Fire Ceremony this weekend!  Our local spiritual group will be having a gathering to do a fire ceremony this Saturday.  Time to release some things!  I've never been to a fire ceremony before, so it will definitely be interesting.  Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Are You Attracting?

It's true-you don't attract what you want.  If you look at a lack of something, and focus on that, you attract more lacking into your life.  How miserable you can make yourself, pining and pining for something you want.'s also true that you attract what you believe to be true.  If you believe it's true, for example, that you will find the person of your dreams, you will be radiating that energy and whomever matches that energy will be drawn to you.  If you are thinking you'll never find anyone, let alone the person of your dreams, that's the kind of energy you're carrying around.  Picture the difference.  Happy, confident, at ease "you", not worried about finding the perfect person because you totally believe it will happen when it is supposed to, radiating the happy, welcoming energy of already having it.  Then at the other end of the spectrum we have "you", moping around, complaining because so-and-so found this great boyfriend, and I can't find anyone good, only losers, etc.  See the difference in the energy being put forth in each situation?  Who would you rather approach to speak with?  Which you do you think lives a happier life?

Don't wait to be happy.  Start now!  With just a small shift of attitude, you can go easily from a lack mentality to an abundant, grateful mentality.   Then watch things start to happen!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's In The Cards

I feel guided to do something a little different this time.  I've been doing some card readings for myself recently-some with angel cards, some with angel tarot cards.  I don't really connect that well with regular tarot cards yet, but I'm working on that.  Anyway, I got this new deck of oracle cards and I think it's pretty cool, so I thought I'd post a mini reading here.

Which card draws your attention, #1, #2, or #3?

As you look at the cards, see what your intuition draws you to.  Does one catch your eye right away?  Do you feel energy coming from a particular card?  Even though they all look the same in this picture, each one has a different energy.  Have you decided?  OK, here's the reveal.
#1 Transient Guide-This type of spirit guide enters your life on special assignment and usually only stays until they are no longer needed.  To have this card means that you have special guidance through a life challenge and to remind you that someone above is definitely there helping you through it.
#2 Creative Vision-Your mind is extra sharp and creative at this time and you can see the future more clearly now. This is a good time for new goals and projects and finishing anything that has been put off.  Thinking outside the box will be necessary to remove an obstacle so that you can continue forward to meet your goals.
#3 Progression-Something needs to complete and be put behind you in order to move forward successfully. The outcome will bring personal growth, healing and empowerment.  You might need to change your pattern of organized chaos in life in order to fully realize positive change.
I very well could have done this reading for myself!  I didn't have doing that in mind when I picked the cards, but it all certainly applies for me.  I'm in the process of going through over 20 years of "stuff" I've accumulated living in my house, as I'm getting ready to put it up for sale in preparation for my move out west.  It's a very big life change/challenge for me and truly, until I can complete this, I can't move forward. 
I hope you enjoyed the cards.  Life's an adventure!  If you are interested in having a card reading done, I am still what I call "practicing" so am not charging for readings at this time.  You may email me and I'll be happy to do a reading for you. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Let It Happen!

Last part of this little "mini-course" for my Law of Attraction steps-
1. Decide what you want
2. Carry the feeling that you already have what you want
3. Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want
4. Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place

Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place.
Once you know what you want, can feel inside like you already have it, and take the steps you feel inspired to take towards what you want, all you have to do is let it happen!  Sounds simple to say, yet seems like it would be hard to do.  Practice is the key!  You can't "put it out there" and then be focused on your lack of it.  The focus on lack will bring more lack.  For me, that was difficult at first-being attached to the outcome-but as things start to happen for you, it is easier to trust the Universe, trust yourself, and trust that things will be just as they are supposed to.  I made a list of as many things I could think of that I wanted or wanted to do.  They were not all of the same importance to me, so it was easier to "let go" of the desire for the things that seemed less important, even though I still wanted them.  So, guess which things started to happen first!  This doesn't make me more focused on what I don't have yet, it just makes me feel grateful that these things have manifested for me and gives me all the more confidence that the "bigger" things will be coming when the time is right! (I feel the beginnings of one of my big things starting to happen, and I'm very excited! Still trying to remain detached from the outcome!)

 The Universe/your higher self knows when the time is right for all things for you.  It may not be your plan, but there's a reason everything happens when and how it happens.  Trust. Meditate. Be grateful. Believe. Enjoy!

What's happening with me this week:
Journey of Our Souls class this weekend!  We're going to learn about karma, healing past life issues, and do some guided meditations/past life regressions!  I'm also playing at a wildlife benefit with both groups I'm in.  Yaay!  A weekend of spiritual fun and of music!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Take Action!

We're already to #3 of "my" Law of Attraction steps:
1. Decide what you want
2. Carry the feeling that you already have what you want
3. Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want
4. Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place

Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want.
I'll give you a personal story for this one. 
 For several years I was in bands that played just about every weekend in various bars.  I absolutely LOVED making the music (I sang and was a part-time bass player), but not many of the other things that come with being a "bar band".  This is not the place to go into those details, however.  Eventually, I had enough. I said I was done, it wasn't fun anymore, maybe I'll just go watch some bands once in a while.  Well, my inner self knew, and finally convinced me that I HAVE TO make music-I just enjoy it too much not to do it.  I knew I didn't want to go back to what I was doing before, but wasn't sure how to proceed.  I remember telling a gal from another band about how I wanted to do the music thing but didn't want to play in bars, didn't want to be a lead singer anymore, didn't want to play bass anymore.  She basically told me that then there is no way for me to perform.  I was out to prove her wrong from that point!  I had bought an acoustic guitar many years ago, but only knew a couple chords, so never really played it.  I bought it, honestly, because it looked pretty!  I felt inspired to start playing it, to start learning more chords.  Before I knew it, I felt inspired to play every day when I got home from work. I was getting together with friends just to jam a little, but then felt inspired to take it to the public again.  Just by mentioning in conversation about playing music (feeling inspired to bring it up) I've ended up playing at some fun places.  I've played at nusring homes, benefits, community gatherings, outdoor concerts, and other special occasions.  It feels so good!

By picking up my guitar because I felt inspired to, talking to people about my music when I felt inspired to, etc., I am now giving my soul what it needs!  There's nothing else like the feeling I get when I play my guitar and sing.  We talked about keeping your vibration up in the last post-making music keeps my vibration very high!  I went from feeling depressed that I'd never make music again to elated that I'm making music and loving it!  

Who got me to pick up the guitar?  Who got me to start playing for people again?  Who found those places for me to play?  My higher self, my soul, inspired me to take the actions I took-it knew what would raise my vibration.  No matter how slow I felt my progress was on the guitar, I always felt inspired to keep picking it up.  My playing now is so much more hands on with people instead of being background noise to bar patrons.

So after getting a bit lengthy........what I want to say is-those little "nudges" you get from inside that want to push you in the direction of your dreams-pay attention!!  Take the actions, have the conversations you feel inspired to have.  You just don't know who you'll run into or who may overhear something you're saying that may be just the launching pad you need to get you on the road to where you want to be.  It might feel scary or odd at first, but it will all start snowballing for you once you set things in motion!

Let me not forget to mention being grateful.  It could easily (and probably will be) another whole blog post, but remember that you already have things in your life to be grateful for, they're not just all "out there somewhere" to someday come and make you happy.  I personally have a Gratitude Journal that I write in about things I'm thankful/grateful for.  You woke up today.  You have a roof over your head. The sun is shining.   Be grateful for so many things you take for granted.  The more you appreciate what you already have, the more you vibrate at that level, and the more your desires will be attracted to you! 

What's going on with me this week:
Preparing for my first public talk on the Law of Attraction this Saturday!  I feel like it's still far off, but it's actually just a few days away.  I'm very excited about it and hope I'll be able to give some good information.  

By the way, the Psychic Development Workshop was awesome!  Very interesting, fun, and met lots of cool people.  Sounds like there will be some future classes as well.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good Vibrations

To continue from last time with my Law of Attraction explanation, we'll talk about #2 of the 4 steps.
1. Decide what you want
2. Carry the feeling that you already have what you want
3. Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want
4. Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place

Carry the feeling that you already have what you want.
When you state your desires in the present tense, as if you already have received them, what kind of feeling do you get inside?  For example-if I say "I want a new car", the things that start going through my mind are it costs too much, car shopping is a hassle, only rich people can afford new cars, things like that.  However, if I put myself inside that car in my mind, it turns into "I love my new car!" as I picture being in the driver's seat looking around at the interior, smelling that new car smell, feeling my hands on the steering wheel, taking the car for a can I not be excited about it? So now, when I think about that car, my mind will go right to that feeling I had when I put myself in the place of actually having it.  When you put yourself in the place of having what you want, use your senses to make it all as real as possible.  What do you see, hear, smell? When you touch it, how does it feel?
Do you notice when you get "in" the place of having what you want, you feel all happy, tingly, giddy?  This is your vibration (your energy) going to a higher level.  The higher your vibration, and the more you can keep it that way, the faster you can attract what you want.  When your vibration is up, the Universe will send the things, people, circumstances, etc. in your direction that will help you achieve what you're after.  On the other side of the coin, if your vibration is down in the dumps, that low vibration stuff is what you'll attract.  
Don't worry if you can't immediately flip the switch and feel good.  It does take practice, and before you know it you'll notice your overall vibration is higher than it used to be.
Next time we'll talk about taking inspired action!
What's up with me this week.....

Last Saturday I went to a Holistic Healing and Psychic Fair.  A lady doing angel card readings
had several decks of angel cards for sale, and my friend and I were looking at the cards, talking about them with the lady.  My friend purchased a deck of the cards, and when the woman handed them to her, she started "reading" both of us at once!  She said my friend's spirit guides told her guides to give us this information.  It was truly amazing, as she didn't know either one of us and was bringing up things there's no way she could have known.  We were both completely blown away by the experience!  All 3 of us kept getting all tingly as she would tell us thing after thing.  It's all we could talk about on the drive home.
This weekend coming up, I'm going to a Psychic Development Workshop.  I was told in my numerology reading that I'd gotten back in February that I am psychic, (I have always felt it as my intuition at work) so am going to see what it's all about and see if I can develop it.  I'll let you know how it went!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Do You Want?

In my last post, to try and simplify what the Law of Attraction is all about in my understanding, I said:

1. Decide what you want
2. Carry the feeling that you already have what you want
3. Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want
4. Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place

I want to go a little further into it at this point and, in order to avoid information overload, will be talking about one step at a time.

Decide what you want. 
Don't be shy!  Let your imagination run wild.  Write it down in a journal, giving as much detail as you like to make it easy to put yourself in that scene.  It can involve material goods, relationships, inner peace, goals you have, whatever you want.  Another thing you can do is make a vision board or something similar.  This is done by gathering pictures, and maybe words or phrases, all related to your ideal life-the life of your dreams, and making a kind of collage out of them.  Your then place this where you can see it as a constant reminder of what you have to look forward to.  Seeing this can keep your vibration up (which we'll talk about in the next post).  I made sort of a scrapbook out of mine and kept it on my coffee table.  
Not sure what you want?  Make a list of what you don't want and what the opposite of that would be will tell you what you do want.  For example; "I don't want to have to worry about money anymore"  would be something like "I want financial abundance".

You create your reality.  You are meant to be happy.  What would make you happy?  Make your list.
I've written down the top 5 things I desire on an index card that I carry with me, and I look at it often.  

What's up with me this week.........

I had a reading done this afternoon, and there was yet more confirmation that I am right in following my intuition.  I've been told several times now in readings I've had done by others and also in readings I've done for myself that I am a teacher.  My intuition has been telling me I am to help people and that my music will play a part in it somehow.  The readings have mentioned teaching, healing, music, speaking, and writing.  I also have known for a while that I'll be moving out of the state, and moving has come up in readings.  I haven't pinpointed a place yet-I just know I'm going-but was told today that it won't be long before I know.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Find Your Voice

I had coffee with a new friend over the weekend.  She has recently started a Spiritual Community in the area-a community of individuals that "can learn, share, grow, practice, expand in a loving, non-judgemental, encouraging way".  As a matter of fact, you should check out the Duluth Spiritual Connections Facebook Page.  As you may have read in my previous post, I feel called to speak to groups of people about living their ideal life, and how they can work with the Law of Attraction to help them do so.  I'll be getting my first chance to do so next month at a Coffee & Conversation meeting of the Duluth Spiritual Connections community, and I am really looking forward to it.

I am not an "old pro" at all this stuff.  Even though I've been studying the Law of Attraction for a few years now, I feel I've barely scraped the surface of the things I want to know about.  It's kinda confusing in the beginning and took me a while to get straight what to "do" and what "not to do".  Once you get a basic understanding, it seems to me that it's all more about "feeling" than "figuring out".  There's much to know, if you want to know.  You can keep it as simple as you like or go as in depth as you like.  It's whatever feels right for you to do.  To really simplify it, it is this, to me:

1. Decide what you want
2. Carry the feeling that you already have what you want
3. Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want
4. Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place

You do not have to figure out HOW everything will happen. Believe, trust, don't obsess over your desires.  Once you release the attachment to them you'll be surprised how fast things will start to happen for you. For my next post, I'll give you some more information on a couple things that have been very helpful for me.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things Are Happening

It's time I started blogging about what's going on.

Mostly I'll be writing about things that are going on with me as I get to where I'm led to go, but there will definitely be links to books, podcasts, events, etc. that you may want to check out.

My website is

After letting other people tell me who I should be for a good portion of my life so far, I finally woke up and said "Enough!".  For about the last 4 1/2 years I've slowly been coming around to making my life more of what I want (it is my life, after all) instead of whatever works best for others to have me be for them.  Now, I'm not saying I've turned into a selfish me-me-me person-quite the opposite!  I love helping people as much as I can, but I do what feels good/right to me with respect to that.  What a different feeling I have inside of me now than I used to.

I'll try and put this all into a little nutshell for the time being and as I blog in the future will get into more details about things.
-More than anything else, I love making music.  I play guitar, sing, and have written a few songs.  I feel that I am to use this gift to help/heal people in some way.
-I trust my intuition immensely.  It has been telling me for several months now that I am to go out and speak to groups of people about living their ideal life.  I am just getting things started with that and it is very exciting!
-I have several book ideas running around in my head.  I have begun writing one of them and more want to come out.  I am fighting the urge (at this time, anyway!) to start another one before I finish the first.  I know I'll give in, since my intuition is always right (maybe the first book shouldn't be first?).
-I recently had a numerology reading and all these things I've known inside (helping/healing, speaking, singing) were confirmed with it.  I was also told I'm psychic-maybe that's what I've been calling my intution?  I'm reading up on developing my psychic gifts-I'll keep you posted!
-I am learning how to communicate with my angels.  I've received some wonderful images and messages so far :-)
-I've just started reading about Akashic records too, so we'll see what happens there.

Come with me on my journey!  I'd love to hear about yours as well.