Friday, September 26, 2014


Having patience is tough, isn't it?

When you really, really want something, it is hard to have patience while you're waiting for it.  It makes no difference if it's a phone call, a new car, etc., when you want something, you want it now!  The universe knows the perfect time for things to come.  You send your desires "out there", and then obsess over them.  Why aren't they coming?  When you think about what you don't have yet, you are focusing on lack!  It is hard, isn't it, to think instead about what you'll feel when you have what you want.  This is key!  The more you really fully feel like you already have what you want, the higher vibration for it you're putting out, and the faster the universe works on getting it for you.

 I am experiencing this now.  I already know how I will feel when I move from this frozen tundra to a warmer climate.  I have managed to counteract that, quite often actually, with my feelings about winter coming up.  I absolutely cannot stand to be cold and have had a very strong dislike for winter for many years now. I gave myself a deadline of the end of September to move.  Of course, the closer it gets to the end of September, and my house isn't even ready to put on the market yet, the more distressed I was becoming.  Will I turn into a pumpkin if I don't move by the end of September? No.  Does it mean I'll never get to move if it doesn't happen by then? No!  I (finally) have managed to accept that things all happen when they're supposed to, and just keep making progress towards what I want.  I will keep moving in the direction of what I want the end result to be.  I will keep focusing on how it will feel after it's all done.  I didn't want to spend another winter in Minnesota, but if that's what it takes to get the end result I am after, then so be it. (Haha, I was gritting my teeth as I typed that!) I do know that the higher I can keep my vibration, the faster the universe delivers, so......even thought I can't take back the time I've spent getting all worked up, I can change my vibration now, and concentrate on keeping it up.

Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time!


Fire Ceremony this weekend!  Our local spiritual group will be having a gathering to do a fire ceremony this Saturday.  Time to release some things!  I've never been to a fire ceremony before, so it will definitely be interesting.  Looking forward to it!

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