Friday, June 6, 2014

Let It Happen!

Last part of this little "mini-course" for my Law of Attraction steps-
1. Decide what you want
2. Carry the feeling that you already have what you want
3. Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want
4. Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place

Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place.
Once you know what you want, can feel inside like you already have it, and take the steps you feel inspired to take towards what you want, all you have to do is let it happen!  Sounds simple to say, yet seems like it would be hard to do.  Practice is the key!  You can't "put it out there" and then be focused on your lack of it.  The focus on lack will bring more lack.  For me, that was difficult at first-being attached to the outcome-but as things start to happen for you, it is easier to trust the Universe, trust yourself, and trust that things will be just as they are supposed to.  I made a list of as many things I could think of that I wanted or wanted to do.  They were not all of the same importance to me, so it was easier to "let go" of the desire for the things that seemed less important, even though I still wanted them.  So, guess which things started to happen first!  This doesn't make me more focused on what I don't have yet, it just makes me feel grateful that these things have manifested for me and gives me all the more confidence that the "bigger" things will be coming when the time is right! (I feel the beginnings of one of my big things starting to happen, and I'm very excited! Still trying to remain detached from the outcome!)

 The Universe/your higher self knows when the time is right for all things for you.  It may not be your plan, but there's a reason everything happens when and how it happens.  Trust. Meditate. Be grateful. Believe. Enjoy!

What's happening with me this week:
Journey of Our Souls class this weekend!  We're going to learn about karma, healing past life issues, and do some guided meditations/past life regressions!  I'm also playing at a wildlife benefit with both groups I'm in.  Yaay!  A weekend of spiritual fun and of music!

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