Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Decision To Change

What happens when you think of changing something?  For lots of folks, change is resisted unless they are the initiator of the change.  We are comfortable in our routines, our homes, our lives.  Yet often, we wish for something "better".

What stops us from doing what we know will make things better? I believe the biggest thing that stops us is fear.  What are we afraid of?  The unknown?  Ourselves?  What someone else may think?  When it really comes down to it, YOU are the one who has to live in your body, with yourself, 24/7.  YOU are the one who feels your feelings, whether you express them outwardly or not. YOU are the one who know what really deep down inside will make you happy.  Why would you want to live your life unhappy when you have all you need inside you to live a happy life?  Fear. The unknown is scary, but my gosh, look at people who have stepped into the unknown, bowled over the fear, and are now much happier for it!  You probably know at least a couple people who have worked through something they were afraid of doing and are now SO glad they did it.

How do you make a decision to change?  You just do it. Make the decision.  As soon as you do, you'll probably feel some relief that you MADE the decision, and at the same time will be flooded with "yeah buts".
Yeah, but if I change, they won't like me anymore.
Yeah but if I change, someone else may have to do more work.
Yeah, but if I change, they will be angry with me.

Think about this.  What would REALLY make you happy?  There is no law that says you have to be miserable so that someone else can be happy.  It's nice to think of others, but remember, you are not at your best for them unless you are at peace with yourself.  Start by making "small" decisions-things that are on a smaller scale, but still as they change will make you happier.  As you make each small change, you'll notice your confidence building and you'll become a little more daring and adventurous in making change.  I do recommend a book by Susan Jeffers, called "Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway".

I have made many decisions to change over the past several years that were scary at the time, but once I was on the other side of that decision, was so glad I made up my mind to do it.  As they say, the one thing that's constant is change.  There are things I am in the process of changing now that are super scary to me!  I am keeping the faith that once I'm on the other side of the changes that are happening now, I will be feeling much happier and peaceful.

If you feel so inclined, comment about your experience with a change you've made that you were afraid of, but you powered through!
I also have a forum on my website Attract Your Desires that you're welcome to post in about many subjects!

What's happening with me this week?
This past weekend I went to a Holistic Healing Expo.  We only get them twice a year here, so I make sure to go-I love it!  I had a reading from a very powerful reader I know.  She confirmed some things my intuition had already told me-things I am trying to change and am afraid to do!  I know (and she confirmed) that once I can get this change completed, I will be so much happier!  I am certainly taking my own advice and taking small steps through this.