Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Are You Attracting?

It's true-you don't attract what you want.  If you look at a lack of something, and focus on that, you attract more lacking into your life.  How miserable you can make yourself, pining and pining for something you want.

Now....it's also true that you attract what you believe to be true.  If you believe it's true, for example, that you will find the person of your dreams, you will be radiating that energy and whomever matches that energy will be drawn to you.  If you are thinking you'll never find anyone, let alone the person of your dreams, that's the kind of energy you're carrying around.  Picture the difference.  Happy, confident, at ease "you", not worried about finding the perfect person because you totally believe it will happen when it is supposed to, radiating the happy, welcoming energy of already having it.  Then at the other end of the spectrum we have "you", moping around, complaining because so-and-so found this great boyfriend, and I can't find anyone good, only losers, etc.  See the difference in the energy being put forth in each situation?  Who would you rather approach to speak with?  Which you do you think lives a happier life?

Don't wait to be happy.  Start now!  With just a small shift of attitude, you can go easily from a lack mentality to an abundant, grateful mentality.   Then watch things start to happen!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's In The Cards

I feel guided to do something a little different this time.  I've been doing some card readings for myself recently-some with angel cards, some with angel tarot cards.  I don't really connect that well with regular tarot cards yet, but I'm working on that.  Anyway, I got this new deck of oracle cards and I think it's pretty cool, so I thought I'd post a mini reading here.

Which card draws your attention, #1, #2, or #3?

As you look at the cards, see what your intuition draws you to.  Does one catch your eye right away?  Do you feel energy coming from a particular card?  Even though they all look the same in this picture, each one has a different energy.  Have you decided?  OK, here's the reveal.
#1 Transient Guide-This type of spirit guide enters your life on special assignment and usually only stays until they are no longer needed.  To have this card means that you have special guidance through a life challenge and to remind you that someone above is definitely there helping you through it.
#2 Creative Vision-Your mind is extra sharp and creative at this time and you can see the future more clearly now. This is a good time for new goals and projects and finishing anything that has been put off.  Thinking outside the box will be necessary to remove an obstacle so that you can continue forward to meet your goals.
#3 Progression-Something needs to complete and be put behind you in order to move forward successfully. The outcome will bring personal growth, healing and empowerment.  You might need to change your pattern of organized chaos in life in order to fully realize positive change.
I very well could have done this reading for myself!  I didn't have doing that in mind when I picked the cards, but it all certainly applies for me.  I'm in the process of going through over 20 years of "stuff" I've accumulated living in my house, as I'm getting ready to put it up for sale in preparation for my move out west.  It's a very big life change/challenge for me and truly, until I can complete this, I can't move forward. 
I hope you enjoyed the cards.  Life's an adventure!  If you are interested in having a card reading done, I am still what I call "practicing" so am not charging for readings at this time.  You may email me and I'll be happy to do a reading for you.