Thursday, December 4, 2014

It Means A Lot

There's a few reasons I chose this image for this post.  They flooded in all at once, so here they are in no particular order:

The time of year-Thanksgiving, Christmas (generosity, giving, gratitude, receiving)
A reminder to stop at what can be a hectic time of year and JUST BREATHE (inhale, exhale)
It's a circle, which is a common shape for mandalas, which I'm going to be teaching a workshop on next Saturday (more on that later)

Wow, yes, when you have gratitude for what you have you're more generous, therefore more giving, which makes you more aligned with your higher self (open), which just happens to attract to you things that you are grateful to receive, and the process (cycle/circle of abundance) continues!  Even though some people only focus on being grateful at this time of year, there's always things to be grateful for, things we take for granted. 

And wow, yes, I'm doing a workshop on mandalas.  Well, mostly on making and coloring them.  I don't know much about them except what I've Googled, so I know that when you're making & coloring them you kind of "zone out" and are more in tune with your inside world and intuitive side, almost like being in a meditative state when you are creating.  So, we will all learn together!  Our spiritual connections group is such a fun bunch that I'm sure it will be just fine. There's certainly something to be said for the warm & fuzzy feeling of being with people that make you feel great! 

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