Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Do You Want?

In my last post, to try and simplify what the Law of Attraction is all about in my understanding, I said:

1. Decide what you want
2. Carry the feeling that you already have what you want
3. Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want
4. Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place

I want to go a little further into it at this point and, in order to avoid information overload, will be talking about one step at a time.

Decide what you want. 
Don't be shy!  Let your imagination run wild.  Write it down in a journal, giving as much detail as you like to make it easy to put yourself in that scene.  It can involve material goods, relationships, inner peace, goals you have, whatever you want.  Another thing you can do is make a vision board or something similar.  This is done by gathering pictures, and maybe words or phrases, all related to your ideal life-the life of your dreams, and making a kind of collage out of them.  Your then place this where you can see it as a constant reminder of what you have to look forward to.  Seeing this can keep your vibration up (which we'll talk about in the next post).  I made sort of a scrapbook out of mine and kept it on my coffee table.  
Not sure what you want?  Make a list of what you don't want and what the opposite of that would be will tell you what you do want.  For example; "I don't want to have to worry about money anymore"  would be something like "I want financial abundance".

You create your reality.  You are meant to be happy.  What would make you happy?  Make your list.
I've written down the top 5 things I desire on an index card that I carry with me, and I look at it often.  

What's up with me this week.........

I had a reading done this afternoon, and there was yet more confirmation that I am right in following my intuition.  I've been told several times now in readings I've had done by others and also in readings I've done for myself that I am a teacher.  My intuition has been telling me I am to help people and that my music will play a part in it somehow.  The readings have mentioned teaching, healing, music, speaking, and writing.  I also have known for a while that I'll be moving out of the state, and moving has come up in readings.  I haven't pinpointed a place yet-I just know I'm going-but was told today that it won't be long before I know.

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