Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good Vibrations

To continue from last time with my Law of Attraction explanation, we'll talk about #2 of the 4 steps.
1. Decide what you want
2. Carry the feeling that you already have what you want
3. Take the actions you feel inspired to take towards getting what you want
4. Let the Universe worry about getting the rest of the pieces to fall into place

Carry the feeling that you already have what you want.
When you state your desires in the present tense, as if you already have received them, what kind of feeling do you get inside?  For example-if I say "I want a new car", the things that start going through my mind are it costs too much, car shopping is a hassle, only rich people can afford new cars, things like that.  However, if I put myself inside that car in my mind, it turns into "I love my new car!" as I picture being in the driver's seat looking around at the interior, smelling that new car smell, feeling my hands on the steering wheel, taking the car for a can I not be excited about it? So now, when I think about that car, my mind will go right to that feeling I had when I put myself in the place of actually having it.  When you put yourself in the place of having what you want, use your senses to make it all as real as possible.  What do you see, hear, smell? When you touch it, how does it feel?
Do you notice when you get "in" the place of having what you want, you feel all happy, tingly, giddy?  This is your vibration (your energy) going to a higher level.  The higher your vibration, and the more you can keep it that way, the faster you can attract what you want.  When your vibration is up, the Universe will send the things, people, circumstances, etc. in your direction that will help you achieve what you're after.  On the other side of the coin, if your vibration is down in the dumps, that low vibration stuff is what you'll attract.  
Don't worry if you can't immediately flip the switch and feel good.  It does take practice, and before you know it you'll notice your overall vibration is higher than it used to be.
Next time we'll talk about taking inspired action!
What's up with me this week.....

Last Saturday I went to a Holistic Healing and Psychic Fair.  A lady doing angel card readings
had several decks of angel cards for sale, and my friend and I were looking at the cards, talking about them with the lady.  My friend purchased a deck of the cards, and when the woman handed them to her, she started "reading" both of us at once!  She said my friend's spirit guides told her guides to give us this information.  It was truly amazing, as she didn't know either one of us and was bringing up things there's no way she could have known.  We were both completely blown away by the experience!  All 3 of us kept getting all tingly as she would tell us thing after thing.  It's all we could talk about on the drive home.
This weekend coming up, I'm going to a Psychic Development Workshop.  I was told in my numerology reading that I'd gotten back in February that I am psychic, (I have always felt it as my intuition at work) so am going to see what it's all about and see if I can develop it.  I'll let you know how it went!

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