Sunday, May 17, 2015

This Is Where I'm At

Wow! Since my last post lots has happened.  I went on a road trip to Washington with my friends/bandmates.  We had a great time, played lots of music, and got to see some really breathtaking sights. The time spent on the road is a perfect time for thinking/soul searching.

I've quit my full time job and am looking for part-time work now.  I've had too many years of working all day every day for someone else and trying to cram everything I want to do plus that pesky housework that doesn't go away into the Saturday/Sunday crunch.

I know that might seem crazy to some people-YOU QUIT YOUR JOB??? Yeah, that's right.  And I'm going to be just fine.  I have plans (lots of them!) for how to get my message out to the world.  I need to start talking to people, playing music for them, showing them how they can do, be, and have what they desire!  I've taken the first steps in that direction.   I am SO excited, I feel like I am unstoppable!! That is perfect, because that is what is propelling me forward on this journey.  I have a ton of ideas and wish I could split myself into many pieces, assigning a "take this idea and run with it" task to each piece of me. Patience is something I need to remind myself of often! As I sit here with a desk full of scraps of paper with notes written on them, notebooks with ideas and lists, and several post-it notes stuck to the computer monitor, I can only smile as I think of how this small pile of chaos on my desk will turn into something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled.  I love it and I can't wait!  (Hmmm...there's that patience thing again!)

What's happening with me this week?  Getting together with some people that I am proud to call my friends!  With my new-found freedom (haha) of being available during the day, I'm able to meet with these awesome folks that I love and appreciate.  Fuel for the fire of getting my projects done, some of which will be featuring these wonderful guys & gals!


  1. Congratulations Theresa! Yes, you got this!!

  2. Wow! You too! I was faced with a decision and leaving the harassing admin was my choice. Now to fill my heart with your words and believe. Thanks for your zest! Much Love, Natasha