Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Intuition: Instinctive Knowledge

Today I am interviewing Amy Cerny Vasterling, the Intuitive Pathfinder (Intuitive Reader). It is through Amy that I have gathered some of the information in my soon-to-be-published book, "My Spirit, My Journey-A Beginners Guide: How To Discover, Decide, And Delight In Your Spiritual Journey".

How do you define intuition?

I define intuition as our ability to sense via discernment or inner knowing. A way I often define how to work with it for my clients is it’s about seeing a pattern or connection in everything. If everything is connected, therefore there is nothing, which cannot be connected. 

Does everyone have intuition, or just certain people?

I believe we all have it and I believe some of us have it stronger than others but it is a skill to be honed, not a gift. 

"At that moment my son stuck a key in the socket and fell to the floor."

What are some indicators to know you are receiving intuitive information?

I feel intuition comes in two forms in my life, however, I think they are the same thing. This example comes in the form of a story. My daughter and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner when we both put down our cooking utensils and walked out to the living room without speaking or knowing why. At that moment my son stuck a key in the socket and fell to the floor. Both of us "knew" something was wrong. I believe we pick this up from the electromagnetic field of our heart. We sensed what was happening in the quantum field (the energy between the atoms) and it draws us in surpassing judgment. 

I also know because I am amply able to do it that we are able to see, smell, taste (ick), feel and sense energy and read it. This is psychic ability but a true intuitive passes it through their discernment before they dish it up. Many people today align to calling themselves "Intuitive" and I would challenge each of them for a definition. This is going to help you align with the best match in a good reader/intuitive for your specific needs. 

"This is psychic ability but a true intuitive passes it through their discernment before they dish it up."

Please tell us about some of the work you do as an intuitive.

This career has offered me a grand platform on which to expand. I've been a keynote speaker on the topic of aligning with your true self, spoken on a panel as the expert on "Reading Energy" and traveled around the US speaking about intuition and how to work with your own. I also teach on the topics of transforming grief, empowering kids through parenting and grandparenting, intuition and self-empowerment workshops. I coach, counsel and read for individuals as I can quickly see their core issues and give them tools so they can find the solutions. Lastly, I am currently working on a forthcoming project of podcasting on a whole host of topics. Some including but are not limited to; understanding what the angel, guide, saint, etc realms are and how they work. This will launch January 2016. Watch my website for more information.

I also am a fine artist and am working on a large body of work including 1,000 images. I draw with India ink on canvas using scientific eyedroppers and work with oil paint, sometimes using both! To learn more about this work visit my website at

"Have fun! My motto is 'Come and open yourself to a world, which in truth is all yours!'"

Can you give some suggestions for someone wanting to develop and work with their intuition?

Yes! My top suggestions are:
1) Ask a question! Before you go to sleep in those few moments when you are relaxed see if you can see, hear, sense, feel or smell something. If yes, ask about what it is and why it's showing up. If nothing, try again tomorrow night and so on. 
(Please note, I've been reading for years and it is subtle information that comes up for me, I can't see "it all" and I am no better at it than you. The difference is I committed to looking because I am a super curious person! I kept asking questions to the universe and they'd show up in a conversation or article in a magazine or another way for myself and I’d see them directly for others. I've read for hundreds of people and this experience has taught me the most. I say to my clients, "In 10 years the reader I'll be." Meaning we all start somewhere and 10 years ago I was in a totally different place so start somewhere, anywhere!)

2) Be CURIOUS! All energy is good energy. If you are afraid of evil, you probably are not to be entering this arena! Why? Because you are setting yourself up to fail based on what others say in place of what you have experienced. If you are going to jump into reading based on the ideas of others, stop. How YOU read energy likens to whom you are and how you operate not how others operate. The best thing to do is learn on your own without influence. Now, I know this is not for everybody but I see a lot of drama around reading. I've seen a lot of things and I can tell you this, I've met energies that were ready to take me down but instead of getting scared, I allowed, trusted and asked them what they need. What I found was the energy was simply misplaced, displaced or misunderstood. Just like humans! If we are in any of those attributes we will be horrible as an earthling! (Hitler is a prime example, he was misunderstood and this is what made him become so controlling, angry and destructive.) So I meet the energy to see if I can help. Most times I figured it out. Except when there are tricksters I call their bluff, roll my eyes and tell them to go away and they do.

3) Have fun! My motto is "Come and open yourself to a world, which in truth is all yours!"

4) Ask to read for people, start your process and trust yourself. After you read for them, say to yourself, within 1 year they'll come back to me and let me know how the reading served them. It helps to have validation.

5) I've spoken to dogs, moved ghosts to the other side, gotten confessions from them and from murders still living. I've found there is nothing, which has come up that I couldn't do. I am able to read as a medium but I do not do it unless it is a murder, suicide or accidental death because my belief system does not align with me connecting you to your loved ones and Its not my sweet spot. Be true to you! Do what feels super easy, interesting and fun! This is what will make you unique. Then once you gain confidence, try other things. I am serious when I say a man approached me and said, "Can you talk to dogs." I said "No" Then I started spouting out what the dog wanted to tell him. He confirmed with me right there what I was saying was accurate. I gave him tools he could not see. I could talk to animals and I never knew it. Open up, you never know what skill you have in your back pocket.

6) Being highly psychic or intuitive does not make you special. I live a normal human life within my amazing family. I am married, have kids and am by most accounts a normal human being. Everything I've learned is self-taught. Public speaking, self-taught. Reading, self-taught. Creating classes & teaching, self-taught. You get the picture. I teach intuition so you learn it from you.

Thank you so much, Amy, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

To learn more about Amy, visit her website at


  1. Awesome article. I especially like the part on fearing evil.

  2. Interesting article! I often just "get that feeling" about something, but haven't really spent time tuning into things. I'm going to start her practice of tuning in at bedtime & asking what it is I need to see/hear/feel (no thanks on the taste!) and wait for the answer to come...I'm sure it will! :-)